Formation : English business presentation

Making an impact with your English presentation

Les 5 compétences clés de cette formation

  • 1 Skill: Defining your message in English

    Straight to English

    • Avoiding 'translation" : keywords, tenses and forms
    • Using plain English for a powerful presentation

    Pitching your presentation

    • What question does your speech answer ?
    • The Elevator speech
    Test your knowledge: On-Camera Training with eht Elevator Pitch
  • 2 Skill: Designing your presentation

    Structuring your speech

    • The Golden Circle
    • The 3 act-story structure

    Making an impact with visuals

    • The picture-superiotity effect
    • Choosing the right visuals
    Test your knowledge: Creating visuals
  • 3 Skill: Connecting to your audience

    Presence: how to get it and how to use it

    • Your natural communication style
    • Boby language and non-verbal communication

    Drawing attention with storytelling

    • The craft of storytelling
    • Identification and emotion
    Test your knowledge: Finding your story
  • 4 Skill: Finding confidence in your voice

    Using your voice in English

    • Pronunciation and vocal tips for English-speaking

    Making your voice heard

    • Your voice and its potential
    • Your voice as en effective convincing tool
    Test your knowledge : Vocal training
  • 5 Skill: Training for success

    Preparing effectively

    • Presentation check-list
    • Visualisation
    • Coping with stage-fright

    Personalized training session

    • Individual training
    • Your own to-do list and recommendations
    Test your knowledge : Co-challenge
2 jours
nos tarifs e.start + 2 jours en présentiel +

Nos offres préférentielles

Offres réservées à plusieurs participants à une même session de formation ou à 1 participant inscrit à plusieurs formations de 2 jours.

à une même session

Cette formation est accessible : Executives with good English-speaking skills, having to do public presentations or to participate to meetings in English

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Où et quand suivre la formation English business presentation ?

Paris - 26-27